Tuesday Jul 29


Yes it’s true!

Tim Tebow missed a semi-final baseball game so that he could keep his commitment and attend a

Children’s Choir Dress Rehearsal!

When Tim Tebow was in 5th grade he was in the Children’s Choir at First Baptist Jacksonville under the direction of my dear friend, Nancy Brant. He had been chosen to play Superman in their children’s musical but he had a dilemma. The required dress rehearsal was the same day as the semi-finals for the city baseball championship.


He missed the game to attend the dress rehearsal for the musical and his team won without him. However, that now meant that the championship game was to be at the same time as the musical. After an appeal was made to the city, the date for the final game was changed. With no game on Sunday, some of his teammates came to the musical and the next day he and his team won the city championship.


This isn't about which is more important, sports or church stuff...this is about honoring commitments. It’s a precious story and I want to thank all of our KidsPraise parents who are making our Dress Rehearsal this Saturday at 9:00-11:00 am a priority!